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​​​​JUNE 2018 • Mauritius and Madagascar • Trip Itinerary

Visit the spectacular location of Dr. Carl Jones' conservation victories! Join the Indianapolis Prize team on a journey to exotic Mauritius and Madagascar.

Mauritius is commonly called "the Heavenly Island" for its breathtaking sights and engaging culture, with Madagascar known just as well for its beautiful scenery and remarkable fauna. From the adventures awaiting you in the rainforest and National Parks to the luxury of the French-influenced accommodations, this trip will provide lasting memories.

Beginning in the majestic city of Port Louis and ending in beautifully wild Madagascar — with an optional extension — the journey will take you through nature reserves that are home to rare and indigenous species, like the indri lemurs of Madagascar, Aldabra tortoises of Mauritius and so many more. You will also have the exclusive opportunity to travel with Dr. Carl Jones, winner of the 2016 Indianapolis Prize, as he guides you in observing the spectacular Mauritius kestrel, a species of bird he saved through his groundbreaking conservation efforts. All of the amazing animals and sights in both countries are not to be missed, plus so much more that awaits you. ​

For more information, contact Jennifer Barker at 317-630-2014 or